UniPath is an assembly designed to eliminate the need for numerous individual installations of cable supports for open-air cabling.

The device organizes cables in the ceiling at even elevations, avoiding crisscross, varying supports, span hanger differences and non-perpendicular installations.

This cost effective method delivers a return on investment by reducing the number of subcontractors using individual cable support systems.

Device Usage: 4 to 12 Disciplines
Support Rings: Color Coded 2” or 4”
Standard Length: 12” to 48”
Installation Distance: 4’ to 5’ recommended span

I. Single Assembly Installations for
 a. Communication Cabling Systems
 b. Pneumatic Systems
 c. Gaseous Systems

II. Labor Savings
 a. One assembly vs. numerous hangers

 b. Less manpower on ladders
 c. Reduced installer injury risk

III. Product Cost Reduction
 a. Reduce quantity of materials required
 b. Reduce raw materials required on jobsite

IV. Cable Organization & Support Assembly
 a. Methodical and organized installations
 b. Eliminates crossover and elevation differences
 c. Engineered with future growth development
 d. Reduced costs on Moves, Adds and Changes

V. Multiple Location Installation


Figure 1: Four ring discipline UniPath with center-hung option

(U.S. Patent 8,985,528 B2)